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yooooo my chest hurt so bad from laughin 

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Kevin Smith, @ThatKevinSmith, Always the Little Engine that Can!

Kevin Smith, @ThatKevinSmith, Always the Little Engine that Can!

Photo Citation: LA Weekly

Recently the Nerdist released a post about the future of television on AMC. Mentioning a spin-off to the walking dead, comicbook men, and another Kevin Smith hopeful getting a green-light on a pilot. While the article did get a somewhat positive response there had to be the few that poo-poo on the party. I don’t want to shoot fanboy juices all over your face, so you may want to duck. (more…)

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Just Say NO!


Man, I really wish I could have read this a few years ago!

Originally posted on Creative Infrastructure:

DoughnutA first year graduate student in my arts management class presented a paper this week on arts labor economics.  Her undergrad degree was in acting so she had never delved into the topic formally. She certainly understood through anecdotal observation that there is an imbalance between…

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